Latina Entrepreneur Academy
Red tape blocked her path to the "American Dream."
The Latina Entrepreneur Academy was founded by Karla Boldery. Growing up in Mexico, she felt a sense of innovation and craftsmanship throughout the neighborhoods. Her experiences birthed a love for the entrepreneurial spirit.
Why start LEA?
When in the US, Karla was shocked that red tape blocked the path to the "American Dream". In Mexico, one could have an idea and work for it, but in the US everything relies on credit. 

“There are many more issues when starting a business in America because there’s so much regulation and everything relies on credit. You can’t have an idea and do it.”
The Results
The Latina Entrepreneur Academy, founded in 2017, has been designed to fill in the gaps in our current entrepreneurial ecosystem, by providing an infrastructure of support so that Latinas can start, run and grow their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Since 2017, we have offered this program on a yearly basis. Over 100 participants have registered; 77 have successfully graduated and over 48 businesses are currently running and have been associated with this program.

15+ new businesses were registered through the OH Secretary of State and generating revenue.
Over 34 already established businesses from participating Latinas have seen a positive change by attending the academy through the implementation of business planning, strategy and new tools learned.
$30,000 + capital accessed.
In minority groups, there is a self-belief that you can make it on your own. Asking for help is a sign of weakness. It is vital to the Hispanic community to change that perception.
Boldery said the most rewarding part of the job was watching the evolution of fledgling entrepreneurs to successful business owners. Since its opening in 2016, the academy has had 100 graduates. 
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