Latina Entrepreneur Academy
The mission of the Latina Entrepreneur Academy (LEA) is to empower and transform the lives of Latina entrepreneurs by providing essential resources, mentorship, and training. LEA is dedicated to equipping both aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the business world. Through a comprehensive 20+ hour bootcamp, LEA focuses on fostering a strong support network, promoting economic empowerment, and contributing to community development. The academy strives to create a vibrant space where Latina entrepreneurs can connect, learn, and flourish, ultimately making a positive impact on both their individual journeys and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Why start LEA?
Unlocking the boundless potential within Latina entrepreneurs is at the heart of the Latina Entrepreneur Academy (LEA). We recognize the unique strength, resilience, and creativity that Latina business leaders bring to the entrepreneurial landscape. By fostering an environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity, LEA not only equips Latinas with essential business knowledge but also empowers them to overcome challenges and build successful enterprises. Investing in Latina entrepreneurs is an investment in the economic growth and vibrancy of our communities. LEA is committed to providing tailored support, mentorship, and resources to ensure that Latina entrepreneurs not only thrive in their businesses but also play a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive and prosperous business ecosystem. Join us in this transformative journey of empowerment and entrepreneurship.
The Results
LEA, a comprehensive 20+-hour bootcamp, is meticulously designed to empower both aspiring and established entrepreneurs.
Whether individuals are launching new ventures or expanding existing ones, the program offers tailored knowledge and tools for success.
LEA distinguishes itself by providing diverse informational sessions, expert guidance, and networking opportunities, fostering a robust support network for business owners.

Committed to economic empowerment and community development, LEA has contributed to the establishment of 100 businesses, engaged 188 alumni, and inspired the launch of 37 new enterprises. Your sponsorship fuels this transformative impact.
Over 37 new businesses were officially registered with the Ohio Secretary of State, actively generating revenue.
More than 100 pre-existing businesses owned by participating Latinas have experienced positive transformations through the application of business planning, strategic insights, and newly acquired tools learned at the academy.
In seven years of empowering entrepreneurs, we've witnessed a transformative journey. Beyond the practicalities of business, the Latina Entrepreneur Academy has become a hub of connectivity. This program not only imparts crucial knowledge but also links like-minded individuals, boosting self-confidence and resilience. It's a testament to the transformative power of community in entrepreneurship
Boldery said the most rewarding part of the job was watching the evolution of fledgling entrepreneurs to successful business owners. Since its opening in 2016, the academy has had 188 graduates.